Testimonial from a young woman

"I first came across the HYP project through my friends who had been meeting them in the bus station for some time. Laura and Chris are very nice and offered us time to chat and chill with support in many ways. My friendship group was very ranged in ages and backgrounds but we all had one thing in common, we were on jobseekers, smoking cannabis and finding it hard to get out in to the working world without been addicted to cannabis.

Laura and Chris helped one of my friends learn how to cook, so we would all go down to church once a fortnight and have a nice meal, for most of us this was the only good meal we got. Throughout the year Laura helped me overcome some of my emotional problems, family issues and been stuck in the rut of smoking cannabis. We got to go on a day out to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park giving us something to do and get away from the same day in day out routine, fresh air, beautiful scenery and all without cannabis for the day. Once we had done this we got to go for a weekend away filled with loads of fun activities to keep us occupied on the hot summer weekend.

This weekend allowed me to reflect on what my life is, and what I needed to do to change this. I started looking for work and the HYP project mentioned a job as a One Programme Participant. This gave me a real chance of doing something: I applied, got the interview and got the job! 6 months later I have managed to get myself sorted, cut back on smoking, got myself financially stable and overcome many personal issues. This chance at the working world had given me chance to build on my personal skills as a youth worker and I am looking into University for my Youth Work Qualification, none of this would have been possible without help and support of the HYP project, thank you so much!"