YFCs strategic vision

The essence of YFC's strategic vision is "taking Good News relevantly to every young person in Britain." This paper considers the biblical justification and rationale for communicating the good news in a culturally relevant way to young people today and some suggestions as to how this might be worked out in practice.

92% of Britain's youth have no contact at all with church. The reason for this is simple - they don't want to! They have rejected the church with a resounding "no". Even young people who have a sense of spiritual need won't naturally go for the church option.

Most young people do not feel at home or comfortable in church. It is not simply that what goes on in church is unknown - it really is strange. The dress, language, layout of the building, music, rituals, structures of authority, sexism, lack of discussion, and the coffee, tea and polite chat are all alien to their usual behaviour patterns. Culture shock is what they experience when they attend a church service! The contrast between the world of young people and the world of the church could not be much greater. (1) There are churches where this is not the case but they are few and far between.

The challenge is to cross this cultural boundary. Strategies, which depend on waiting for young people to come to us, will disappoint - they simply will not come! We must go to them where they are, in their world, and take Jesus out of the cultural packaging in which we have wrapped him. We must give them the chance to hear about him in ways they can relate to.