HYP Events

Here are some of the special events that have been run by the HYP team so far and events coming up.

August 2015

The residential trip was a huge success with the young people going on various trips such as caving, kayaking, walks and Go Ape. Please see below a selection of photos from the trip.


Residential Trip

The HYP project are booked to go on a residential with 8 young people they have been working with from 16th - 20th August. They are going to West View Bunk House in Yorkshire National Park.The project received a grant of £600 from Sir George Martin Trust and this will cover expenses for food, fuel and activities.YFC Calderdale will be paying for the accommodation. For most of the young people this will be their first ever residential and also for some their first ever holiday.The aim of the holiday is to build on existing relationships, encourage friendships and most of all for the young people to experience a trip they have never experienced before.

Please pray for good weather and a safe and enjoyable trip all round.

Thursday drop in

The team have been running a Thursday afternoon drop in session every week. This is an opportunity for young people to gather together over a meal which is prepared and cooked by the young people. This has built some very strong relationships among the young people and they have also been playing football weekly. There is a time to chat and eat, followed by some games of pool and table tennis.

Bus Station partnership work

Our Detached workers have been working alongside West Yorkshire Police and Bus oasis to tackle anti-social behaviour around Halifax bus station and Minster. Over a 6 week period we saw a 24% reduction in reported anti-social behaviour and we made it into the local newspaper. We will be continuing to work in partnership at the bus station and other areas of Calderdale.

Pancake Party

The very first event that the HYP Project put on was the Pancake Party. Held on Shrove Tuesday itself the project welcomed around 30 young people to the event giving them a chance to make a pancake and put a topping of their choice on it. There was also a chance to play a game of pool or just hang out eating the delicious creations with your mates.

For some of the young people that came to the event it was the first time that they have ever made a pancake for themselves. Going through the process of making the batter to frying (and sometimes burning) the pancake, before getting to try out different toppings was a rewarding experience for all.

Day Away

From Halifax Town Centre to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park with a bunch of young people.

Sounds like a lot of planning and an odd location to take a bunch of young people. But this wasn't the case as the young people we took did all the planning for this day away. The young people sorted the location, what public transport we were going to take to get there, what fun and games we would be able to have when we got there, even down to the food that we were going to eat.

This was a hugely rewarding day out where everyone got to spend time together with a fun atmosphere and all of the young people's hard work paid off.


Go Karting, Water Fights, Fire, Slip and Slides, Pranks and so much more.

That's the story of our residential that took place in Burnley.

We took some of the young people that we met through our detached work on a weekend away to Burnley on the other side of Yorkshire Border. We started the week with more Pizza than most people could imagine and finished it by some really competitive Go Karting.

After taking a lot of time investing into relationships with a group through our detached work a weekend away was suggested and the young people took the baton from there. We met with them talking about what they would like to do during the residential. Through these consultations we worked out what the weekend would look like and what we would be doing.

At the end of a hectic weekend that involved a massive water fight with every young person and leader there getting drenched and a long slip and slide. Everyone was tired but enjoyed a fantastic weekend.

Hear to Listen

A crazy idea developed into an event in the summer. We decided that it would be a good idea to take a sofa and put it in the middle of the Woolshops area of Halifax with a simple sign saying Hear to Listen.

This was a great time to speak to new people, tell people what we were doing and just do something that we have been and remembered for.

A lot of people spent time to come and ask us what we were doing and why we were doing this crazy thing. Some people laughed, some people came and told us their life story.

Check our facebook page here https://www.facebook.com/HYProject