Welcome to YFC Calderdale, Registered Charity No. 1132907


Youth For Christ Calderdale is a youth movement inspired by God and building on the previous youth work done in the area.

It is run by innovative people from a number of different churches and ministries around Calderdale. We have a vision to see young Christians in Calderdale working together to help bring their friends and peers to Christ, to disciple them and provide. This is about young people reaching young people for God.

We are linked with Christians Together, Christian Initiative in Calderdale Schools (CICS), busoasis and other youth based organisations/ministries in Calderdale, West Yorkshire. We are part of British Youth For Christ www.yfc.co.uk, which is part of Youth For Christ International www.yfci.org

We meet together for prayer to support the work regularly, so if you would like to join us, watch out for announcements.

Our Vision is:

  • To support young Christians in Calderdale,
  • To reach out to not-yet Christian young people
  • To support christian schools work
  • To be voice of young people to the wider church/churches together.
  • To encourage young people to be evangelists and to reach out to their peers.


  • Communicating what is going on for young people around the region and further afield.
  • Putting on events for and with young people
  • Promoting youth discipleship courses
  • Encouraging young people to meet together from different churches and groups
  • Encouraging young people to be involved in planning and decision making


  • Empowering, assisting and including the local church in youth development.
  • Employing person/persons to work for Calderdale YFC upholding vision, aims and objectives
  • Providing a platform for young people to come to Calderdale to participate in local church projects.. (ie year/summer placements)
  • Resourcing and encouraging youth alpha &/or other such discipleship courses
  • Using the God given gifts of young people in the area